Our Story

Once upon a time ... in a not so far away land, our founder and managing director, Kimberly Clark, decided there must be a way to share her 20 years of management, consulting, and marketing expertise, with small and mid-sized business owners. After working for some of the nation's leading owners, operators, and developers of real estate in major metropolitan areas, Kimberly wanted to get out of the corporate chaos. Her passion for marketing drove her to start The Spectrum Services Group in 1996.

Ten years later, a Sage business partner asked their fairy godmother for a special wish. “Bring me a marketing person who can help me take my business to the next level, be an integral part of our team, but who I don’t have to pay a full time salary to.” The Sage Business Partner was granted their wish, and more. Instead, they got a full marketing team, The Spectrum Services Group.

One thing led to another, and Spectrum became a Sage Preferred Vendor in 2007. Our team of Marketing Specialists and Consultants has expanded as a result. The group delivers expertise in the areas of corporate identity, sales coaching, public relations, web development, lead generation, nurture marketing, and even TeleServices. This diverse and talented group allows us to provide our customers with a single source for a full spectrum of marketing services and solutions.

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