Foundation Marketing

Defining your corporate identity, devising a marketing plan, then developing the corporate collateral that will communicate your message are the foundation pieces which will determine how your company is marketed.

Corporate identity is the "personality" of your business and is designed to help achieve your overall objectives. It is usually visible by way of design or “branding”. This includes logo design, images, trademarks, colors and typestyles that are used within a set of guidelines. Branding needs to be consistent with all corporate communications such as: business cards, letterhead, brochures, advertising, public relations, packaging and company website.

Solid marketing strategy and subsequent actions are the foundation of a well-written marketing plan. A marketing plan is essential to your company in that it provides a reference point for activities throughout the planning and implementation period and establishes targets so progress can be monitored.

Marketing collateral is used to support the overall marketing and sales objectives. These aids are intended to support the corporate identity and marketing plan goals. Sales brochures, newsletters, web design, signs, and product information are all examples. They are designed as visual aids for clients and prospective clients to understand your offerings.

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