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Current, relative content is one of the key factors to search engine optimization. What if you could get current, relative information, have product information automatically updated, and get real-time industry news and more? Well, that time is now, and pricing starts at only $240.00 per year (less co-op) for Sage partners.

Sage and Zift Solutions have teamed up to create an exciting new way for partners to leverage the latest Sage product, company, and industry news - delivered where and when it will have the greatest impact for your business. The application allows Sage to distribute content to partners through streaming widgets and personalized email alerts. This not only provides higher value, more targeted communications directly from Sage, but also allows you, with one click, to get new dynamic content published into your web site. This syndicated content enhances your web site and increases your organic search results.

For more information, visit or call Scott England at 919.882.2133